Applied Linguistics

Field of study: Language analysis and theories
Description: The Applied Linguistics launches a transdisciplinary look at objects and data of linguistic, discursive, and educational nature. The field requires an investigative look in which the subjects are in interaction through the language, in the most diverse contexts (educational, professional, media, legal, etc.). AL also comprises the dimension of the complex relationship between social practices and linguistic-discursive practices. Within this research horizon, the teaching and learning of languages, translation practices, media and technological contexts, issues related to multiculturalism, plurilingualism, bilingual education, among others are part of AL studies.

Abbreviation Titlesort descending Starting date Deadline (months)
ENSTEXT 01/03/2017 24
09/05/2016 39
ELLA 01/08/2018 24
GDARG II 01/01/2015 24
GDARG 01/01/2013 24
18/11/2013 24
01/08/2012 60
PEAFTEMPEDLE 05/07/2012 24
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