Postgraduate Degrees

Master´s degree in Linguistics
PPGEL focuses on scientific and technical-professional skills in the area of ​​language, and aims to educate masters with qualifications to work in teaching in Higher education and Research, in the field of Linguistics and Applied LInguistics. The program seeks to integrate these two competences to the perception and interest in social and educational issues in the region of Espírito Santo. The masters program has developed the scientific and professional capacity necessary for critical teaching and action at various levels of public and private education, both in the mother tongue and in the foreign languages.

From 2013 onwards, PPGEL enlarged the participation of incoming students in the Program allowing the enrollment of recognized undergraduate degree programs and holders of diplomas of related areas such as Social Communication, Philosophy, Law, etc.

It is hoped that the dialogue with other areas may foster interfaces between the different possibilities of research and research involved in the field of linguistic description, text, discourse, teaching and the interrelationship between literacy knowledge and other areas of knowledge that foster an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives.
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PhD in Linguistics

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